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Directory and Classifieds System Design

We specialize in setup and maintenance of YClas Classifieds and ListingPro Directory systems.
We also provide the associated systems such as web hosting, web design, business class email, ecommerce and domain name registration so you receive a turn-key system for your business venture.

Directory and Classifieds system design and maintenance
We guarantee all our work and ensure that you are satisfied with our turn-key system.

Directory and Classifieds system design and maintenance
Time is of the essence for you to get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Directory and Classifieds system design and maintenance
We do a QA safety check of our work before we hand it over to you to take live.  Buggy software does neither of us a favor.
About US
From our modest start in 1996, when the internet started mainstream, we created our first domain called after the 10mb/sec speed of the internet that was available at the time. Since then we have provided reliable quality web hosting services and premium customer support to clients in the USA, Canada & Internationally. We now do web design with our entire site designed inhouse allowing us the knowledge to create custom designs for our clients.
Why us.
Since 1996,  before google and facebook, we have provided a multitude of applications designed to help you not only get a website but also to help you create a professional business and ecommerce-enabled website; create your online presence in minutes; SEO market your website to the world; analyze website visitor statistics so you can continue to evolve your site and ensure your site and email are secure... all at a very affordable price!
Web Directory & Classifieds sites... and a lot more!

Contact us to discuss your web design needs... you will be surprised how little it costs!
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